This is FluxTone's 45 watt version of the "Celestion Gold" speaker.

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FluxTone Model 5

45 Watts, 8-16 Ohms, 15 pounds
This speaker sounds just like a well broken in "Celestion Blue" only it can handle 45 watts.


Microphone Beyer M 160 @ 18 inches (on axis)
Pre-Amp Grace Design M 501
Guitar Mexican Strat (Dimed)
Hear it 'Clean'

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Hear it 'Dirty'

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Left Channel = Crown D-75 (Everything set Flat)
Right Channel = Tweed DeLuxe (Volume-3, Tone-12)

Left Channel = Black face DeLuxe Reverb Volume 10, Treble 5, Bass 5
Right Channel = AC-30 top boost Volume 8, Treble 5, Bass 5

Includes VMT "Speaker Control" and Wires

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$1575 (list) + $50 Shipping in lower 48 states.

(If you're outside of this area, please Contact Us before ordering.)


General Specifications

Magnet Type (Alnico Topology) Copper & Iron
Magnet weight 14.3 Lbs.
Frequency Range 75-5000Hz
DC Resistance (Re) 6.4 & 11.8
Sensitivity 100dB
Chassis Type Pressed steel
Voice coil diameter 1.75", 44.5mm
Voice coil material Round copper
Power Rating 15W
Nominal impedance 8 and 15
Resonance frequency (fs) 75Hz

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