I am really enjoying the FluxTone products. They are the best way to cut output dB's and retain tone, IMHO. I build tube amps and a cabinet loaded with a FluxTone is invaluable. I am not running my family out of the house. They record well and plays well with all amps. The only downside is everybody wants to play my rig at the jams.

Take care,

Thanks again, Steve.

I am totally blown away by the Model 9 I got, but truly love the Model 5. What great products.


Hi Steve,

I'm very pleased with my FluxTone Model 10
- it's got a great 'Celestion' type tone
- when set to max, it's sensitivity seems between that of a Greenback and a G12H30, i.e. plenty loud enough with the band with my 25-50 watt amps
- no horrible cone cry!
- the tone stays consistent at all settings.
- I can crank my amps at home and get their true tone without my ears bleeding / upsetting domestic harmony I've not 'played out' recently but when I do it will be perfect to help get a tone and sound level that keeps everyone happy.
Whenever I get chance, I put forward FluxTone as being an excellent solution to that 'volume' problem.

The tone from it has improved over time, so in hindsight I should have given it a 'breaking in' session early on but I should have expected that from a high power speaker.

Best wishes to you and FluxTone, thanks to you and the team for a great product


Hello Steve,

I sold the FluxTone awhile back with the amp I was using it with. It worked great while I had it, and I think the buyer wanted the FluxTone at least as much as the amp! I assume it’s still sounding great! Hope you and the business are doing well.


Hello Steve,

Initial impression: sounds outstanding! I love the ability to mix the two tones to create a new sound. It compliments my mark v and mini recto very well. Haven't tried it with the reeves custom lead yet but more to come tomorrow! Of course the attenuation is exactly as described and maintains the tone extremely well. I'm finding a nice sweet spot between the master volume and about halfway down on the magnet strength.

Thanks again,

Hi Steve,

The cab got here. It"s awesome thanks


Hi Steve,

Got the SM up and running. The #9 is a lot more open sounding than the newer #7. I remember my impression of the #9 was a less than great initially but it has been the way it sounds now that pushed me to get another FluxTone But even with the speaker needing some time you can still hear the amp being pushed not an attenuator colored voice.
Congratulations on the patent making it through the process. This is a good product maybe a little pricey but playing last night hearing the circuit rage without causing hearing loss is a blessing. I may have to buy another down the road.

Take care,

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to follow up and let you that I LOVE my new Flux Tone speaker. I have been playing it hard since you sent it and it is awesome. After spending a few days just tweaking knobs and finding the right combination of volume, master volume and VMT setting, I have got the best sound I have ever gotten out of this amp. And the amp is just so much easier to play. I have the Master Volume basically turned all the way up now and volume set about 50% on one channel (awesome crunch), and the Master and Volume at about 50%(good clean with the guitar volume at 5, nice soft crunch with guitar on 10) on the other. Then I just use the VMT to control the overall sound output which is super convenient because the tone doesn’t change so it is much easier to go from practice volume to gigs.

Normally when you use the Volume and Master Volume to control the amp distortion, you have to keep adjusting them as you raise the volume, and then you have to tweak your pedals as well. With the VMT the amp gain can basically be set and you get the same response at the guitar, and the pedals no matter the volume. This is a huge benefit for me since we practice in a small place and play a huge range of club sizes.

Anyway, I just love this thing, and the other guys in the band think it sounds great. You have a great technology. I am going to write a letter to Dave Hunter who writes in Guitar Player and tell him to check this thing out. Have you contacted him, I think he would love your product.


I absolutely love your speakers! I can finally record with sensitive mics and still have that blaring amp tone. My 1974X has never sounded better. Thanks for an amazing speaker.


Just wanted to thank you for allowing me to test out your awesome amp! It's been a privilege to have it for a bit. Played it at church last Sunday and it was nice to not have to haul my pedals around :-)


Hi Steve,

Wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much we all thought your amps sounded great at Red Rocks. sorry we didn't have more time to hang out and listen. I had to get my amps and speakers happening - I had 48 x 15" speakers that were requiring attention. Anyway, thanks for coming out to show us your gear. great stuff!

Kevin Madigan
FOH Crosby, Stills & Nash

Hey Steve,

I've been playing guitar for a very long time. I've owned numerous amps... tube and solid state... and finally a few years ago I bought a Fender Blues Jr. I liked it better than any other amp I've had but even with only 15 watts of power, it was just too loud to play in most venues once I turned it up to get the great tube sound it's capable of. Then Steve Carrey at FluxTone replaced the stock 12" speaker with a 10" FluxTone Because of the size of the magnet on the FluxTone, he had to go to a slightly smaller speaker. Now, when I crank up the tubes so they sound the way I love them to, I can turn down the speaker and play in any venue without being told to "turn it down!" The FluxTone is the coolest thing anyone can do to a tube amp. It's not really cheap, but totally worth it. I can't recommend it enough!



I like the sound, and of course I can play in the house now. Thanks again, Steve, for developing these things.


Hey Steve,

I wanted to let you know I got the speaker on Monday. I had a crazy acoustic tour that just finished but I got the speaker installed in time for an electric gig last night. Long story short holy s#%t!!!! I'm blown away and very happy!
The bar was kind of a nightmare gig in that they wanted us to be super quiet, they really didn't want drums and when they saw my Marshall they freaked! I told them not to worry but they seemed skeptical. They wanted us quieter than any band should play. When we started they were so surprised and I was too since it was my first gig with it. The bartender was a guitarist and he couldn't believe the tone at that volume. This was literally like line6 pod volumes but obviously way better sounding. It was a great gig and I felt really comfortable with the tone and volume. I considered this the ultimate test since they wanted us at basically acoustic volumes. I now feel like I can literally play any venue at any volume!
So I'm a believer and totally on-board! Thanks for all your customer support and for taking care of me through this process! I will actively be trying to support your company and spread the word not only about your great product but your great support!

Thanks again


Thank you for the offer. It confirms my impression of you as a man of principles.
I tried a Blackstar HT Club 50 on it today. It is a Marshall type amp. Sounded great with everything on the amp cranked and the FluxTone turned down. Then I tried it the way the designers anticipated, using the master volumes on the amp and the FluxTone's on ten. No guts.
Your product changes everything. The question always used to be-How can we simulate overdriven power tubes at a usable volume? Now the question is-how can I get a clean sound now that I have the power tubes cranked?
Have you heard of the Egnator Renegade? I think it was designed for your cab. It has two channels with two different power tube sections: el34 and 6L6. Each channel is switchable from 65 to 18 watts. I'm thinking the 6L6s on 65 watts as the clean channel and the el34s cranked on 18 watts as the overdrive. If you haven't heard of it, check its architecture out. I think it will show the strength of your product in the best possible light. Anyway, lovin' the adventure.



Got the cabinet yesterday and it sounds great. I will do some more experimenting with it tomorrow when I have a chance and let you know if I have any questions. It looks great.....


Hi Steve,

Hope this finds you well. I wanted to let you know I have been really blown away from the capability and performance of the cab you made for me. I have been able to use it with the 50W head very successfully, managing volume and getting an incredible sound.

All the best.