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See the smiles spread as musicians demo FluxTone speakers. The answer to the age old problem of "turning it down" to control stage volume without losing the feel of your tube amp is finally here!

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Take a look at the science behind the FluxTone Speaker breakthrough, and what it means to you as a musician. See how taming your amp can open up your world.

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FluxTone Speaker technology is available now. Our online store offers everything you need to get going. We can even retrofit our system to your favorite amp with minimal intrusion.

FluxTone at the Dallas Guitar Show

Attenuators Really
Suck (tone)

Guitar amp attenuators do help control stage volume, but maybe you have noticed how many of the “best guitar amp attenuators” have tons of knobs, switches, and controls. Ever wonder why this is?

All those attenuator knobs and controls are there to try and recover your LOST TONE! This is because they *actually* modify your signal. Not only that, but guitar attenuators change the dynamics and tones produced by your tube amp. They mess with the relationship between the tube amp, output transformer, and speaker voice coil which is where the sweet, creamy, and desirable tones of an overdriven tube amp come from!

One knob. Total control.

FluxTone Guitar Speakers only have ONE KNOB because there is no need to recover something lost in your signal chain. FluxTone *never* touches the original signal, only how far the speaker cone moves. For 65 years engineers have presented various gizmos to try to tame a guitar amp that is too loud to try and control stage volume. Now FluxTone offers the only product that does not change the tone, touch, or feel of your tube guitar amplifier.

FluxTone Guitar amp attenuator Speakers control stage volume

Better Amp Tone.
Control Stage Volume.

We know how much time and effort guitar players spend crafting their tone, and until now, it sounded better when turned up LOUD!

With our patented FluxTone guitar speaker technology, you can now run your guitar amplifier volume wherever it sounds best (at 11, of course), and then adjust the FluxTone MAGNET STRENGTH so you can control stage volume and get the perfect amp tone for whatever gig you are playing. Now you can have better stage volume without any loss in tone, and move from rehearsal, to the studio, to the stage without having to tweak any settings other than the magnet strength!

Been fooled before?

We know you’ve heard claims like this before, and have probably shelled out some good cash only to be let down. FluxTone has a long list of satisfied customers, including artists like Brad Paisley, Justin Derrico (guitarist for Pink, The Voice), Scott Sharrard (Gregg Allman Band), Cesar Rosas (Los Lobos) and many more who are using tube guitar amps with FluxTone Speakers to help control stage volume!

Control stage volume. Keep your amp’s touch and tone.


Control stage volume remotely

FluxTone Speakers can also be controlled remotely by the front of house engineer or sound person to adjust the magnet strength and overall output of the FluxTone Speaker to better control stage volume. This happens independently of the amplifier preamp/EQ and power sections, so there is no change to the signal path, gain structure, or settings on the amp itself. The end result is that guitar players are able to get the amp into the sweet spot that they love, but without the ear splitting volumes typically needed to get there, and all while controlling stage volume so that bandmates, engineers, and audiences are all happy!