FluxTone Value  

American made by American people from American parts.

FluxTone Value - speaker attenuator for guitar amplifiers

Many folks are asking why our product costs as much as it does. First and foremost our speakers are designed to last a lifetime. Also it is prudent to understand that the FluxTone system and method is the embodiment of at least 4 other products. Let’s examine these products one by one:

  • FluxTone’s magnetic circuit parts are turned and milled one at a time by American machinists. Our tolerances are held much tighter and closer than a mass produced stamped out speaker. The benefit of holding these tight tolerances is an increase in efficiency and a substantial gain in longevity. Our speakers, when used with no attenuation, (full magnetic strength), are typically 3dB more efficient than most other OEM products. This 3dB increase in loudness means that your 50 watt amp is seemingly as loud as a 100 watt amp, or it is like adding another conventional 12″ speaker to your system. So by keeping tighter tolerances, we can increase the efficiency of our speaker so you could realize a doubling of SPL when it is turned up all the way. All of this is done without requiring your amp to produce any more power. High efficiency speakers can average $400.00 more than normal OEM products, and may not even be available in your particular voice.

  • A typical retrofit of “power scaling circuits” only yields about 6dB of usable attenuation, usually cost more than $400.00, and are an intrusive and expensive modification/option for your amp. The FluxTone Variable Magnetic system will provide you with that same 6dB of attenuation, only in a more transparent way. No coloration of your tone, and not changing the way your amp feels.

  • Now that you have a “power scaling circuit” installed and working, you realize just how little 6dB really is. If you want more attenuation you could employ some kind of a “Resistive Load” between your amp and speaker that typically costs $400 for a better one. These devices sport marketing names similar to… “power-soak”, “watt-eater”, “hot-saucer”, or “recording buddy” etc… These band-aids typically produce a lot of excessive heat, and of course, they damage your tone, and change the way your amp plays and feels. Although some of these tone altering devices can provide up to 10dB of attenuation, before becoming completely undesirable, the FluxTone system will generously provide you with another 19dB of its PATENTED transparent attenuation system. That’s a total of 25dB of attenuation in SPL (via the FluxTone system) with no coloration of your amp’s native tone, and does not take the fun out of playing. To put that in perspective, most earmuff-style hearing protection devices provide around 22db of noise reduction.

  • Finally, FluxTone speakers offers you some of the the Classic Celestion, Jensen, and Eminence voices. We already have a choice of 15 widely accepted, highly desired guitar speaker voices. FluxTone uses mostly OEM cone assemblies. This way, you can have that authentic “green, blue, gold, or brown” sound. Separately, these after market voices can cost as much as $350.00.

FluxTone speaker attenuator for guitar amplifiersTo recap, you get a more efficient, higher quality speaker, a full 25dB of attenuation, and you get the voice you want, all in one product. These features, purchased separately, could cost more than $1,550.00. You can own a FluxTone Attenuating Guitar Speaker, with power supply, for as little as $975.00. Plus shipping. (Complete FluxTone extension cabinet prices vary with number of speakers and cabinet options) We use Mojotone for all of our cabinets. Our products will fit in almost any cabinet you may want to use. Contact us for specifics.