Retrofitting classic tube amps  

Brad Paisley
We specialize in retrofitting classic tube amps with FluxTone controls and speakers. No matter what type of amp you currently have, in most cases we can add the FluxTone speaker with VMT to your unit without making any permanent changes to your original equipment.


If you’re interested in retrofitting your favorite unit with a FluxTone speaker, feel free to contact us with any questions!

  • Blues Jr.
    Blues Jr FluxTone retrofit

    All ready for shipping!

    Blues Jr FluxTone retrofit

    FluxTone speaker clearance in original cabinet

    Blues Jr FluxTone retrofit

    New grillcloth on the Blues Jr. Retrofit

    Blues Jr FluxTone retrofit

    Magnet Strength knob modification to existing amp control panel

  • Fender '54 Tweed Pro

    Small External power supply with speaker control on top of amp.

    All wiring was done through existing holes....NO NEW HOLES!

  • BlackFace Fender Bassman Head

    Installed in custom MojoTone 1-12 Cab.
    It has built in VMT power supply.

    This one is for sale.....Just $2,250.00
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  • 200 watt Marshall Major into 4-12 FluxTone cab

    "Ye Olde Leaf Blower"

    Steve Demonstrating the Major with all the knobs dimed out, and the VMT control on 0. As you can see all the people are having a normal conversation, while the major is pumping out about 250 watts! In a moment he will turn the VMT control up for just a few seconds, Then everyone leaves in front of a "Leaf Blower"

  • New Fender Vibrolux

    New stock Fender Vibrolux

    Outfitted with a pair of FluxTone's P10R's Note new power entry for amp is on the Custom VMT control box.

    We installed the VMT control in a separate box, no need for any new holes in the amp!

  • 1967 Fender Twin Reverb

    We got this cabinet from Eric Johnson (still have the shipping label) Then we put this great old Blackface Twin chassis in it, with a built in foot operated (VMT) speaker controller. Hey Eric, you want it back?

    Ok, we put a couple holes in this one. The red switch eliminates negative feedback. And the other hole (by the power outlet) is for the foot controller. If you unplug the foot control cord, the amp reverts to normal mode.

    Nice hefty pair of FluxTone's C12N's

    Fender Twin VMT Input FluxTone speaker attenuator for guitar amplifiers

    Close up of foot control entry.

  • Mesa Boogie with a single 12

    Used to have just the one setting.....Very Loud. Now with VMT you can still keep that famious sustain yet be dialed down for smaller venues, recording studios, band practice, ETC. Then when you are on the big stage...dial it all the way up, and blast away.

    Mesa Boogie FluxTone speaker attenuator for guitar amplifiers

    Very early FluxTone retrofit with a Model 3 "C12N"

  • 68 Fender Pro Reverb
    ProReverb FluxTone speaker attenuator for guitar amplifiers

    Optional FluxTone logo embroidered on grill cloth.

    FluxTone speaker attenuator for guitar amplifiers

    No extra holes drilled

    VMT Control for FluxTone attenuator speakers

    We installed the (VMT) speaker control in the old Polarity switch hole.