Managing Stage Volume  

Managing Stage Volume with Fluxtone Speakers

Why is managing stage volume so important?

Managing stage volume is one of the most overlooked aspects of live performance, especially in small to mid-sized venues where volume bleed from stage can ruin the front of house mix, cause issues with monitoring on stage, and cause hearing damage for performers and audience members alike!  For many guitar players, there is nothing like the tone of a cranked tube amp, but that’s almost always too loud on stage, and sound engineers inevitably ask them to turn down to help manage stage volume and get a better mix in the house. Sometimes the issue is drum bleed, so a cumbersome plexiglass sound barrier wall might be built around the drummer, or the guitar amps might be turned sideways, backwards, or even placed offstage or in isolation to help in managing stage volume at live gigs and in the studio.

In a live band performance setting, there can be a lot of sound sources on stage, so managing stage volume is a real challenge for performers and sound engineers. The truth is, a quieter stage is a better sounding stage for everyone – it’s easier to mix in the front of house, there are reduced issues with feedback of vocal mics on stage, and generally musicians will be happier and have better control over their monitor mixes on stage.  The *problem* is when guitarists have to sacrifice amp tone (and feel/responsiveness of the tube amp) to do it.

Managing stage volume with FluxTone Speakers

FluxTone Speakers were created to solve this exact situation of managing stage volume for live bands – especially guitarists using tube amplifiers that want to maintain all the beloved characteristics and sweet tone that come from vintage tube amps.   The ability to push the amp into the sweet spot where it’s responsive and has great touch and dynamic, but at a stage volume that’s manageable is where FluxTone shines.  The output volume of the speaker can be controlled independently from, and without affecting, the tone of the amplifier.  This gives guitarists 100% control over the tone and tube saturation happening in the amp, AND the ability to play at any volume while managing stage volume perfectly for gigs in small clubs, mid-sized venues, and stadiums, as well as studio applications!

Who uses FluxTone Speakers?

There are a ton of artists/guitarists at all levels of the music industry using FluxTone Speakers to manage stage volume at their gigs and sessions.  They include names like Brad Paisley, Justin Derrico (guitarist for Pink, The Voice), Scott Sharrard (Gregg Allman Band), and Cesar Rosas (Los Lobos), as well as many independent up-and-coming artists all over the country who are on a quest for amazing guitar tone at manageable stage volumes.  FluxTone Speakers and Denver Amp Works amplifiers are also in use on stage at Etown Hall (Boulder), where managing stage volume is critical for their radio broadcast and recordings.