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True Master Volume Control

For 65 years engineers have presented various gizmos to try to tame a guitar amp that is too loud. Now FluxTone offers the only product that does not change the tone, touch, or feel of your amp.

Tube Amp Clipping at Low Volume

Honest Sound.

The overtones created by clipping a tube amp are an essential part of the “tone” of many artists. Until now, attempting to significantly reduce the SPL (Sound Pressure Level) of an amp while preserving those tones and not effecting the way your amp feels, has been an unreachable goal. Now FluxTone has patented a “System and Method” that accomplishes this by varying a speakers magnetic strength. Already, others have fallen short trying to mimic our system. Only FluxTone products give you familiar and desirable, “guitar speaker voices” while allowing you to vary your SPL 25dB, without changing the tone, touch or feel of your amp!

We know you’ve heard claims like this before; shelled out some good cash, and been let down. FluxTone has a long list of satisfied customers. Become one of them and get the FluxTone smile.

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Built to Last. Made in America.

First and foremost our speakers are designed to last a lifetime. Our magnetic circuit parts are turned and milled one at a time by American machinists. Our tolerances are held much tighter and closer than a mass produced stamped out speaker. The benefit of holding these tight tolerances is an increase in efficiency and a substantial gain in longevity.

Our Process

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I was really impressed with your speaker. I had my doubts initially but once I heard it I was blown away. I was able to achieve awesome tube overdrive at very low levels. Wish you success!

Hi there Steve, great to hear from ya!!! I couldn’t believe the sound I got when I tried out your speaker. I would love to spend more time with that baby sometime for sure! Keep me posted ok?


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