4-12 Slant

FluxTone's 4-12, with separate VMT controls for each voice.

4-12 extension cabinet with separate VMT controls for each voice.
Speaker 1 – Celestion Blue – FluxTone Model 4
Speaker 2 – Celestion Green – FluxTone Model 6
Speaker 3 – Celestion Gold – FluxTone Model 5
Speaker 4 – Celestion V-30 – FluxTone Model 3

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Optional remote control using XLR cords or PA.
Controlled locally or controlled or remotely through snake. Select 1,2,3 or all voices with 1/4
FluxTone guitar amp attenuator speakers 4x12
slant-4-spkrs guitar amp attenuator


Mojotone 4-12 cabinet$550.00
Change Hole Cutout$50.00
Black Finish$30.00
Freight Fees$264.00
Total Cost of Cabinet$264.00
Quad Power Supply and Controls$575.00
FluxTone Model 3$1275.00
FluxTone Model 4$1425.00
FluxTone Model 5$1575.00
FluxTone Model 6$1275.00
Total Price as Shown$7,019.00